Archana Kulkarni

Posted on Thursday 14 June 2018, by Noor Brouns

Mapscape is my first company i started to work in Europe.  Working here has been wonderful experience for me.There is a very flexible work environment here, As a Software Tester i have got a chance to work with many market trendy new tools and adapting that to Mapscape way of Testing.
Here we test, validate and deliver top quality maps for various popular Car companies and that has helped me grow my knowledge in Car navigation field.

Mapscape always helps in learning new technical skills by providing regular necessary trainings for employees.Mapscape has a very employee friendly atmosphere. It always encourages and appreciates the employees in every possible way for their extensive efforts.In my experience of working for software companies Mapscape is the best one i have come across where you have perfect balance between work and personal life.

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