Mapscape history

Founded in the Netherlands in 2007, Mapscape has grown into an independent market leader in production services for NDS (Navigation Data Standard) navigation maps. Since 2011, Mapscape operates as a full subsidiary of NavInfo Co. Ltd., China’s leading provider of navigable digital map data, dynamic traffic information and automotive telematics services. Today, maps compiled by Mapscape are used worldwide by consumers driving the most renowned car models.

Parent company NavInfo

NavInfoNavInfo, which acquired Mapscape in 2011, is one of the largest digital map suppliers in China. Mapscape joined NavInfo to ensure sufficient financial support to build the next generation of digital map ecosystems and telematics services. For NavInfo this merger also makes strategic sense, as it gives the company access to the high-tech tool chain and quality processes of Mapscape. Cooperation between Beijing and Eindhoven is close and frequent.

The combination of NavInfo and Mapscape is important to Asian and European customers, as automotive manufacturers today are global players, with global customer management processes. The merger therefore results in a powerful combination of creativity, reliability, scalability, continuity, efficiency and a global view on business.