Mapscape in Booming Brabant

Posted on Monday 9 February 2015, by Harald Hagenaars

Every week, Booming Brabant, the business program of Omroep Brabant, shows what is going on in the provincial economy. February 2015, Mapscape had the honor to show what it is all about and what the connection is with China and its mother company NavInfo.

Various topics such as innovation, high-tech and business success are central to this program. Full attention is given to new projects, products and (international) developments. Proud of all the beauty that happens in Brabant, the TV program also takes a critical look at the economy in the province.

The program, presented by Anne-Marie Fokkens, has a dynamic character. The presenter works with a large touchscreen table in which various items are shuffled.

In the item about Mapscape, Henk Eemers, managing director of Mapscape explained how Mapscape was started and how it became connected to China. One of the subjects is about bringing innovation to China from the technological heart of Noord Brabant.

You can view the specific episode of the Booming Brabant TV show here:

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