Daisy Dai

As a project leader in Mapscape, I get a lot of chances to explore and join the latest industry Summit for knowledge learning and sharing, thus it provides me very great opportunity to refresh my own technical structure. Meanwhile when I share them with team members, high work efficiency and good work atmosphere occur naturally. Team spirit is the essence of the company culture, it gives me a very open platform for job adaptation. Last but not least I like Mapscape is that you will meet a lot of colleagues from all over the world with a common job interesting, which makes a lot more fun in our daily work. To work in Mapscape is the happiest, the wisest, the most correct choice.

Lily Xu

Mapscape is an awesome place to work. The friendly atmosphere of the team and its diversity cultures make every working day a pleasure. Being a software test engineer in Mapscape, I love my job because I am learning new technologies and expanding skills in navigation data industry. The company offers more than a job, here you can build a career. I highly recommend this company for all these reasons.

Jaya Shivanandmath

"Being at Mapscape has been a challenging ride. Have learned a lot of things, contributed many. Mapscape throws at you, many challenging tasks and it in turn brings the best in you. You have the room to "hone" your skills, grow as an individual and come out as a winner at the end of the day. After spending one year at Mapscape, I still have the same enthusiasm as it was on the 1st day. For any difficulty many hands will come to help me. What I like most is the international environment, but very informal way of working. This balances both work & personal life. I can only say this "WORLD IS HERE and WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!"

Simon Hui

When I was looking for a new challenge, I applied to Mapscape. Soon after starting to work here I became convinced that I had made a great decision. It’s an energetic, proactive and inclusive culture. I feel like I am learning a lot, gaining valuable experience, and making friends in a warm and comfortable environment. Mapscape is a great place to work!”