The digital map and ADAS

Mountain curvy roadWithin the in-car environment the role of digital maps is increasingly expanding beyond the navigation system to encompass support for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). These are used in vehicles to enhance the driving experience. So driving is safer and less stressful, while drivers are better informed and feel more confident. ADAS leads to more economical driving practices too.

These benefits are achieved by applying automotive sensors that make use of wheel speed, infrared, video, and radar to make vehicles and their drivers more aware of upcoming situations. In other words the vehicle becomes aware of its location and can anticipate situations as optimally as possible. Examples include steering the front lights of a vehicle when maneuvering; controlling the active suspension; braking when approaching a sharp bend in the road.

Mapscape products are increasingly being used for ADAS applications, as well as innovative non-ADAS products.

Mapscape and ADAS applications

Numerous possibilities exist for digital maps to enhance or enable ADAS applications, including Adaptive Cruise Control, Energy Profiling, Electronic Stability Control, Curve Warning System, Drowsy Driver Detection, Collision Warning, Blind Spot Detection, and Overtake Assistant. These are just some of the ADAS applications for which Mapscape products are being used.