Test Engineer

Posted on Thursday 14 February 2013, by Harald Hagenaars

Mapscape has an ISO9001-certificated quality system for the whole company.

The Test Engineer reports to the C&V Manager regarding product validation activities and to the Test Coordinator regarding test activities.

Relevant duties for the Test Engineer include:
• Reviewing requirements, functional and technical descriptions.
• Identifying and analysing test basis to extract test cases.
• Create test scenarios of extracted test cases, used for scripting automated testing and manual testing.
• Analyse results generated from automated and manual testing.
• Validation of data conversion using in-house build test tools.
• Validation of produced Map data prior to delivery to customers.
• Validation of products from special projects.
• Root cause analysis of identified deficiencies in products.
• Tracing and validating shortcomings in products.
• Contribute to further improvement of Mapscape's C&V tool kit

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